Goa as an undisputed coastal retreat

Though Goa has transformed over the past decades, it is still a top destination for those looking for culture, sun, yoga, exotic beaches and fantastic food. It may be the smallest state but it sure is one of the biggest tourist destinations in India.

Think of Goa as a coastal retreat where its natural beauty adds up to your yoga practice and wellness endeavor. Its prolific scenery sets the calming vibe that every distressed soul ever so yearn for.  Peppered with umpteen beaches trimming the glorious Arabian Sea, Goa has all the ingredients for a perfect holiday recipe.

Goa beach.jpg

Goa plays a great role in India’s tourism industry by hosting hundreds of thousands of visitors all year round. Therefore, it is important to make prior reservations. This way, you can score great deals online and save yourself from all the hassle. There are tons of hotels, resorts or any kind of accommodation to choose from – depending on your budget, preferred location and packages.

Holidaymakers often go to North Goa and one of the popular go-to places here is Candolim beach, 15 km from Panjim, the Goan Capital. It starts at Fort Aguada and merges with Calangute Beach towards the end making it is one of the longest beaches in the Goa. It is well known for its excellent fresh seafood, historical significance and water sports activities. Though packed with the ‘happenings’, the crowd is not overwhelming that you can still enjoy the sunset with some peace and quiet. Candolim’s more level-headed visitors make it much less rowdy than other nearby beaches.


The long, unbending stretch of Candolim beach is dabbed with dunes that serve as little shelter. But for a decent, comfortable accommodation at the Candolim beach in Goa, most tourists prefer O Hotel Goa. It is at the secluded end of town yet within easy reach to shops, restaurants and of course, the beach. The O is that perfect destination where you can unwind at a decent price. The rooms are cozy equipped with all that you need for a holiday. Plus, the food is amazing.

Aside from perfect relaxation, a lot of people come here to improve their yoga practice. There are tons of yoga retreats to choose from or if you’re already an experienced yogi, you also do yoga teacher training (YTT) here.

Indeed, Goa is a top-tier scenery that makes a good first stop if you have just landed in India.

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