3 Travel games for kids on your next road trip

Kids are adorable. Everybody loves kids. But, these little cute creatures can test any adult’s patience especially when spending a couple of days together on a family vacation. So, it is only normal to resort to activities to keep them occupied. However, the question now is, how to keep them entertained while staying in tune to the spirit of travelling?

If you are a parent, guardian or basically any adult at all travelling with kids, this is a perfectly normal question. If you are dreading a long road trip with cute and adorable kids, you came to right place because I have come up with three travel games to keep them occupied… And well, save the day!

Road Trip Bingo

Road trip bingo.jpg

While driving your way towards your destination, your kid(s) can pay attention to the surroundings to spot the items found in the Road Trip Bingo card. They can mark a square by coloring, writing an X, or whatever works for them. Rules are pretty simple and straightforward. You can either make a straight line, diagonal line, four corners, or go for blackout and complete all squares. All the other adults except for driver (duh!) can play this game, too!

License Plate Game

License Plate.jpg

This game is already quite popular. Everybody loves the license plate game. The advantage of having an open wide road is that you can spot cars from different parts of the country or even continent. Kids will mark each city, state or country spotted with the license plate listed. Depending on each area, some may have more chances to spot cars from neighboring cities or states than countries. So, adjust accordingly. Your kids may find most of them, if not all. The player who spotted more license plates is the winner. If there is only one player, the current score can be compared with the previous ones.

Travel Word Search

Travel Word Search

This one is a classic. It is one of those games that need no further introduction. Kids love finding things so, this is a great entertainer. I bet, they already know the drill: find all the travel-related words in word search table.

Well, I hope you find useful on your next road trip. You can even make more fun and exciting by coming up with special prize for the winner. Hopefully, this will help you kick start a fun-filled vacation.

Share your thoughts. I would love to hear them!

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