Travel essentials for yogis

Whether you have your heart on attending a yoga retreat in Bali or are planning a whirlwind trip to India, simply continue reading to discover 10 travel essentials, that you should definitely consider packing.

1. A lightweight scarf

If you’re traveling to a conservative country such as Thailand, Bali or India, it’s well worth packing or purchasing an inexpensive, lightweight scarf which you can use as a fuss free cover up. As an added bonus, you can also use your scarf as a blanket, when you’re traveling for a to b.

2. Multiple pairs of comfortable yoga leggings

Whilst it’s a no brainier that leggings are the perfect choice for a yoga session, yoga leggings are also ideal for sight-seeing and hiking. They’re also a great option for long haul plane flights and overnight train journeys.

If you’re planning to pack lightly, it’s well worth opting for leggings which feature odor minimizing technology. As an example, some of Lululemon’s gear offers Silverescent technology which utilizes the power of silver, to prevent odor producing bacteria from multiplying.

Alternatively, if you plan on vacationing in a picturesque seaside destination, you may want to purchase a pair of surf leggings. Which can double as yoga leggings. If you’re keen it’s worth checking out Salt Gypsy’s range of stylish surf leggings.

3. A thin, portable yoga mat

If you’re headed on a yoga focused getaway, it pays to leave your tried and tested yoga mat at home in favor of a thin, portable yoga mat. If possible opt for a yoga mat which boasts a strap, which allows you to carry your yoga mat like a cross body purse.


4. A microfiber towel

Microfiber towels are a god send as they can be folded into a tiny pouch and take up little room in your suitcase. A small microfiber towel is incredibly handy as it can absorb twice as much water as a regular towel. Better yet, they also dry out in half the time.

So if you foresee yourself working up a sweat whilst you’re on vacation, it’s well worth having a small microfiber towel on stand by. Especially for your yoga workouts.

5. A cozy sweatshirt or hoodie

Even if you’re planning a trip to a tropical paradise, it’s still worth packing a cozy sweatshirt or hoodie as you may be surprised at how cool it can get it in the evenings. You can also pop a hoodie over your yoga gear, to turn your yoga look from sporty to casual.

Better yet, hoodies are also a great layer to pack in your carry on bag. As most planes keep air-conditioning on full blast.

6. Coconut oil

Coconut oil can be used for a myriad or purposes. As examples, it can be used to moisturize your face, after a day spent on the beach or as a leave in moisturizer for dry hair.

7. A cross body bag

It’s well worth purchasing a cross body bag which you can sling across your body when you’re exploring a bustling marketplace or are riding public transportation. Better yet you can also use your cross body bag to store your yoga gear such as bottled water, workout clothes and hair ties.

In some ways cross body bags are a safer option than a backpack, which are prime targets for pick pockets.

8. A travel journal

After completing a rejuvenating yoga workout in a picturesque location you may be tempted to write down your travel experiences in a travel journal.

9. Your favorite yoga workouts

It’s well worth downloading your favorite yoga workouts and meditation music to your smart phone. That way, if you can’t find a local yoga class to join, you’ll still be able to complete your own guided yoga session.

10. Multiple tank tops

Trust us, if you head on a yoga focused adventure, you’ll spend half your vacation living in tank tops, as they are multi purpose and can be used for yoga or for sight-seeing. Make sure to choose sports specific tank tops that are breathable and sweat resistant. As you don’t want to head out to dinner smelling like you’ve just run 10 miles.

There’s no better time like the present, to pack your bag for a yoga focused holiday in the sun.

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