How to genuinely switch off on vacation

We all do it. We dream about heading off on our perfect vacation for months. We book the time off and fly to a far-flung destination, where we proceed to spend more time checking out our Facebook page than we do the sights! It’s madness. It’s like some of us are incapable of switching off and living in the real world, and it’s stopping us from really relaxing on our vacations, which is surely the whole point of taking a holiday anyway!

Well, I say no more. There’s nothing wrong with using technology on vacation, and it can actually enhance your experience, but you need to be able to switch off and relax too. Here are some simple tips to help you do just that.

Plan, Plan, Plan

Before you head off on that much-needed vacation, be sure to plan ahead. Not only should you make sure that you know the route to the hotel, you have enough money in the local currency, and you’ve alerted your bank you’re going away, but you should also plan a few relaxing excursions ahead of time. Booking into one of the best spas in Dubai or organizing a whale watching trip in Canada ahead of time will ensure that you actually do it. You won’t want to avoid relaxing activities in favor of your phone if you’ve already paid for them, and you’re excited about the experience now, will you?

Tell Work You’ll Be Unavailable

Out of Office.jpg

It’s a vacation, and that should mean a nice long break from work. Unfortunately, many managers and work colleagues think that thanks to the marvelous invention that is the smartphone, they can still call you about that contract or email paperwork over to you when you aren’t in the office. If you want to get some peace, then, you really do have to lay down the law and let them know that you will be uncontactable for the duration of your vacation.

Let Someone Else Deal with It

Usually, passing the buck would not be a good quality, but when you’re on vacation, and something crops up that needs to be dealt with, there, try to think about other people who can handle it, particularly if it’s a work thing and not ultimately your problem. Just make sure you return the favor when your friends, family, and colleagues need a helping hand during their vacations.

Set Digital Ground Rules

Ban yourself from using the phone between the hours of 10 am and 6 pm, leave your cell behind when you go out on day trips, or turn off email notification for the whole week, so whatever you can to keep yourself away from technology and focused on your beautiful surroundings.


Meditate Travel.jpg

I know meditation sounds a bit hippie-dippy, but it is a really great technique for releasing tension and living a more relaxed life. When you’re on vacation, it’s the perfect time to take up meditation because you’re free from your normal obligations, and you will be surrounded by beautiful beaches, majestic mountains and relaxing landscapes in which to meditate and calm your mind.


2 thoughts on “How to genuinely switch off on vacation

  1. Couldn’t agree more with your thoughts on planning and making yourself digitally unavailable. We never have phone contracts or data so can never use our phones whilst we are out and about. It’s so liberating to be completely uncontactable. We check emails, twitter, etc at breakfast hen when we get back in the evening but our days are our own. Everyone should do it.


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