Awesome tips for shopping while traveling

Shopping while traveling is one of my favorite ways to explore a different city or culture. I think it’s fascinating to see the mix of products, styles, and colors and how they differ from my hometown’s selection.

As a digital nomad, I would normally browse online for cool and unusual gifts for any occasion at e-commerce sites such as UncommonGoods. They have thousands of creative gift ideas for men, women, and kids of all ages which are handmade, recycled and organic Products . I am drawn to this site because they have wide range of unique products, whether it be for myself, my friends and family or for the
home, garden or office.

During holidays however, I prefer to wander around the city to find some items that are worth keeping. Even a good bonus is when I travel during sales period. In some places in Europe, sales only happen at certain times of the year. For example, in Paris, sales take place twice a year over six weeks, starting at the beginning of January and the end of June. I found a unique anniversary gift on a handicraft shop while following along the Seine River in Central Paris.

Street Market Paris.JPG

If there are no big sales going on during your visit, check out the local markets and vintage shops, which are always selling products at a cheaper price. I heard from a blogger friend that she found a classic and thoughtful birthday gift for her husband on a local market in Greece.

For many of us, buying something that’s particular to the local area is a no-brainer. More than any other souvenir, this is what will most remind us of the trip once we’re back at home. Plus products made locally, especially if bought direct from the artisan, may be much cheaper without the middlemen, import taxes, and retail markups. Plus, there are tons of choices from souvenir keychains to customizable quirky wedding gifts; from ‘I was here’ T-shirts to local delicacies.

Shopping abroad can be a rewarding part of anybody’s trip. But, please remember to consider customs tax, importation rules and your baggage allowance.

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