10 Pictures that will make you want to buy a GoPro

There has been enough debate whether a GoPro camera would make a good travel camera. GoPro’s size, shape and quality make it an attractive travel camera especially for adventurous travelers. It’s lightweight which is one of the main reasons why it is loved by many. You can wear it around your chest or mount it on a helmet so you can capture the view hands-free. To achieve a smoother footage, you’ll need a GoPro gimbal. It offers that stabilization to capture smooth moving action shots instead of trying to manually hold the device and not juddering/shaking.

Here are some breathtaking pictures that should help justify spending your hard earned money on a GoPro.

1. Wakesurfing behind a boat

Wakesurfing GoPro.jpg

Nowadays, wakesurfing has taken action sports by storm. It is rapidly developing into one of the most exhilarating sports taking advantage of the waves behind a boat. In the early 60s, watersports enthusiasts thought they could simply ride a surfboard behind a boat. It wasn’t until the previous decade that boat and board designs have allowed the evolution of wakesurfing to reach a whole new level.

2. Snowboarding jump


Snowboarding started in the ’60s and became popular in the late ’80s. Today, it’s a sport for all ages and attitudes. Snowboarding is easy to learn and allows for a lot of expression making it very popular with the adrenaline seekers and adventurous. So, if you’re looking for a new way to challenge yourself, grab a board and head for the slopes this winter.

3. Climbing Mittaghorn


The Mittaghorn is renowned for its jaw-dropping views. The 360-degree view offers remarkable vistas of the grand 4000m peaks of the Allalin, Mischabel and Weissmies groups. Make sure you hold onto something, it’s about 4,000 meters high!

4. Paragliding in style

Paragliding GoPro.jpg

Normally, people will scream their lungs out.

You stand on the cliffs overlooking the beach. You get suited up in a giant, puffy jacket and step into a harness. Then, you are attached to the parachute and stand on a launching pad while waiting for the perfect timing. Once everything gets settled, the experience can be truly rewarding.

5. A day in a boat


Indeed, a day on a boat can do wonders for the soul.

Why not enjoy a lazy day afloat on the local canals, river or sea? It’s a great day out for family and friends. Whether you want to celebrate a joyous occasion, treat your staff or valued customers or simply get away from it all, a boat trip is definitely an exclusive way to have fun.

6. Squad goals

Animals Selfie.jpg

You can easily relate to the snowballing selfie craze among people everywhere but have you seen animals jumping on the bandwagon? Who said only Taylor Swift has a strong squad?

Those large, round heads and large eyes almost broke the internet.

7. Sunset Bronzes Beach


Sunset. It’s the dreamiest time of day to display phenomenal skies with effervescent colors. There’s something special about the sunset that reminds us not to overlook the beauty of mother nature. No one can really deny the glory of sunsets. It’s like viewing the end of a chapter while waiting for the next. It’s breathtaking view surely does something amazing before you end your day.

8. Biking in Fall


Enjoy beautiful scenery and immerse with nature while biking through off beaten, golden trail. Bike rides on fall promises an epic experience. Even if you’re not an avid cyclist, the crisp fall air and breathtaking foliage views strapping will entice you to put on your helmet and pedal down a scenic road.

9.  Skydive in costume

Bear Jump GoPro Selfie

Spice up your daring adventure by wearing a costume because why not! Most people only skydive once so, might as well make it epic, right? Before you leap though, make sure you have your parachute with you.

10. Spider man’s Point of View


Spiderman is real and he owns a GoPro camera. Enough said.

These are only ten stunning shots, you can browse more GoPro images and videos on their channel.

So, can you use a GoPro as a travel camera? Absolutely. It’s perfect for beach holidays, water sports and any kind of adventure. Grab yours now!

One response to “10 Pictures that will make you want to buy a GoPro”

  1. Nice! We bought a GoPro Hero 3 Plus Silver so we could take underwater photos. We want to upgrade to GoPro Hero 4, but we still don’t have enough budget.


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