Most picturesque and quaint attractions in South Dakota

For those of you that did not know, South Dakota is also known as Mount Rushmore state. This is a place in America that a lot of folks travel because it is jammed packed with two important things: gorgeous scenery and historical sites. So, if you are thinking of paying South Dakota a visit, please do read on to find out which places to visit to make the best of your trip.

Mount Rushmore

Obviously, one of the sites in North America that you will most want to visit is the spectacular Mount Rushmore. The clue is in the nickname people!

This is a huge monument to four key American presidents; hewn into the sheer rock face in the Black Hills.

Constructed in 1941 Mount Rushmore is a symbol of America and is known all over the world. It attracts American and international tourists alike. The presidents represented there are Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson, George Washington and Theodore Roosevelt.

Mount Rushmore Lincoln.jpg

But is not just the mountain that you can see when visiting. There is also a super cool interactive museum at the site. Where you can expect to find exhibits like rockhounding and geocaching to entertain and educate you.

In terms of accommodation, there is a range of standard and price available. But why not take a peek at Comfort Inn & Suites Custer for rooms on the more reasonable side that are close to the mountain for convenience?

Crazy Horse Memorial

The next biggie in term of a historical site that most folks pay a visit to when in South Dakota is the Crazy Horse Memorial.

Crazy Horse.jpg

Unlike Mount Rushmore, this memorial has never been finished but stands as a lasting testament to both Crazy Horse and all the forgotten native population of America. It is Crazy Horse the legendary Native American leader that lead the war party that overwhelmed Custer at Wounded knee.

Expect the usual facilities here, such as restaurants and gifts shops. As a well as museums documenting authentic the Native American life and culture, that has all but been wiped out in the modern age.

Corn Palace

As a lot of the sites to be seen in South Dakota are pretty serious and somber, it can be a good idea to get a little light relief in now and gain.

Corn Palace.jpg

That is why you make trim for a trip to the Corn Palace. Not quite the roadside house made out of corn you are expecting. Even so, this place is fascinating both in its Moorish Revival architecture and its devotion to one of Dakota’s most produced items – corn.

Adams’ Museum & House

If time allows, then you should also pop along to Deadwood and check out the Adams’ family house.

Adams Museum.jpg

It looks pretty similar to a famous spooky and kooky TV families home with the same name. But it is actually full of amazing historical artifacts and information. Perfect for the young and old alike.

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