Essential things you need to know before camping in Canada

Lots of people choose to visit Canada every year for camping trips. That is because the country is home to many national parks and untouched landscapes. So today, I’m going to provide some advice based on my research.

If you want to visit Canada for camping this year, you should pay attention. Believe it or not, it can become somewhat of a dangerous experience if you don’t have the right information and tips. So, here it goes.

Find out if you need permission to enter the country

Air Canada.jpg

Okay, so, firstly, I’ve discovered the people who visit Canada sometimes require permission to enter the country. It’s all pretty complicated, and it depends on the country from which you plan to fly. So, it’s sensible to research the matter as much as possible. The last thing anyone needs is to arrive and discover they face issues. Thankfully, there are lots of ETA resources available online. In most instances, if you’re visiting from the UK or US, there are no problems. Those of you who might travel from other European countries might have to send a form in advance. If you know the rules, you can make arrangements ahead of time.

Research area where bears are known to reside


One of the most shocking things I learned when reading about Canada was that the country is home to a large bear population. That’s totally not cool! While they might look like furry friends, they’ll probably try to eat you given have the chance. Considering that, I plan to research the areas they’re known to reside and avoid them like the plague. However, there is still a good chance any visitor could encounter one of those animals at some point. So, the best thing to do is learn about how you’re supposed to deal with them. Experts say you should make yourself appear as large as possible, but I’ll probably just run very fast.

Purchase a satellite phone for the trip


The most important thing I discovered when researching was that satellite phones are essential. I’m so glad I didn’t have to think about stuff like that the last time I went camping. While there are some amazing cell phone towers these days, most of them don’t extend into the Rocky Mountains. So, there’s a good chance you might not have any signal for the entirety of the trip. That poses certain issues if someone gets lost or finds themselves in trouble. The best solution? Purchase a satellite phone the moment you land in Canada. Either that or you could get a GPS tracking device and leave the remote with a trusted Canadian friend. If anything goes wrong, they should manage to find you. I hope my friends find me anyway!

Will I end up going to Canada for a camping trip at some point this year? Well, that’s still uncertain. However, as my friends will tell you, I’ve been banging on about it for months. It can only be a matter of time before they agree to come with me. Maybe we’ll see each other there? Who knows? Whatever you decide, make sure you stay safe and have a wonderful time!

4 responses to “Essential things you need to know before camping in Canada”

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  2. Very informative post. Thanks!


  3. We loved Canada, what an amazing country. So big and so much to see. Six months really wasn’t long enough for us to see it all so we’ll just have to go back sometime.


    1. No way. We loved BC and Alberta so much that we have to go back.


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