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Mindless ramblings and misadventures in South of Bali

As much as we find it irresistible to laze around in our gorgeous private pool villa, there’s a whole lot of Balinese charms waiting for us to be explored. Normally, I would do a substantial amount of research to maximize our trip but this time, I decided to get ‘lazy’ and leave out most things to destiny.

There are tons of things to see in Bali and we’re certain that our first visit would not be enough for us to cover even just the half of it. But, oh my, where to begin? Staying at Legian area brought us a lot of convenience when it comes to visiting nearby attractions. So, we decided to start right in our neighborhood. After steering clear from one-way streets and absolutely no clue where to go, we found ourselves in Double Six Beach. We noticed it is a hotspot for sun loungers and novice surfers. Although it shared the same beach line with infamous Kuta beach, it is far less jam-packed, loud and hectic.

Double Six Beach Lounge.JPG

My husband, Olivier, took a quick dip while I sat on the shaded corner of the beach contemplating on maybe I should go see a therapist when I go home to discuss my fear of waves.

Olivier in Double Six Beach.jpg

The sun was high up when my stomach started to growl so thanks (but no thanks) to Lonely Planet, we headed out to see a highly rated warung, a type of small family-owned restaurant. We drove to Kuta Beach Street, the road that runs down to Kuta Beach from Legian, where motorbikes can go beyond the beach gate. A big no thanks to Lonely Planet, they got the map wrong, again! We couldn’t find the warung we got our hearts set on so instead of weeping, we were wishful thinking to turn around our misadventures. We continued walking on a small path and turns out, there is a quieter side of Kuta beach! One where you never have to pay to lounge on the beach, one where you are never bothered by incessant sellers, one where you can relax and listen to the sound of the waves.

So, we paused to savor this glorious accidental find.

Kuta Beach.JPG

Just when I started to feel beach-y and comfortable, the little pets in my belly reminded me that I haven’t fed them for lunch yet. Despite the fact that Kuta has been bursting with high end dining places, it was still easy to find a cheap, local eatery. For 12,000 rupiah, I was highly satisfied by this mie goreng (fried noodles). This tasty noodle dish is the same one my mom used to make for me when I was growing up.

It’s definitely comfort food.

Mie Goreng Bali.JPG

Now that our bellies were filled with delicious Indonesian food, where to next?

Gee, I wish I could be proud to say this… We headed back to our accommodation! To take some shade and chill out a little bit.

In our defense, Bali is extremely humid and the heat alone can make you exhausted. Trust me, Bali heat will rein you in. So, it is best to take a pause especially during midday.


After over an hour of deliberation aka eenie meenie, we decided to head out next to Uluwatu temple. We were a couple of brave souls to leave out the maps and just wing it out until (God have mercy on us!) we reach Uluwatu temple.

One of the good things about driving around with a partner is, one can drive safely (you know, dodge wacky drivers, cross-the-street-don’t-care pedestrians and some occasional suicidal dogs) while the other can watch out for the street signs and pray you both stay alive or don’t kill anybody. I could be exaggerating but traffic in south of Bali will really bring out the worst (or best?) in you. But then, I guess we were just caught in the rush hour especially in the round about near the airport.

I lost count how many wrong turns we took but we always find our way back to the right road somehow.

Fast forward, we arrived at Uluwatu temple just in time for sunset. We made friends with a ‘resident’ who took pleasure of drinking the bottled water brought in by one of the visitors. Of course, the monkeys consider the foreign visitors to be an inexpensive source of food, water and shiny things – so you’d better hang on to yours!

Uluwatu Monkey.JPG

This was our first temple visit in Bali and we didn’t want to be ‘that kind of tourists’ so we made keen observations of the admission. In fact, it was easy peasy. Pay 30,000 rupiah entry ticket and wear a sarong – loose-fitting skirtlike garment to cover the lower part of the body.

Uluwatu temple, or Pura Luhur Uluwatu, is one of six key temples believed to be Bali’s spiritual pillars. It is visited more for its views than the temple itself. The views from the bottom of the water surging up against rocks and the ocean horizon are plain extraordinary.

Uluwatu Temple.JPG

Sarah in Uluwatu Temple.JPG

There is a small forest at the front and hundreds of monkeys owning up territories. They are believed to guard the temple from bad influences so forgive them if they snip your snack away.


As a foreigner and non-Hinduists, we could only view the temple from outside. For my husband, this is a bit of a let down because this is what we came to see and expected more of our 30,000 rupiah. Of course, we perfectly understood and respected the rules but we’re hoping they could open up a few chambers for curious visitors like us for educational purposes.

Uluwatu Temple Grounds.JPG

A Kecak dance was about to end so we headed out fast to avoid the crowd and also because my little pets started to show me who’s boss. After almost an hour driving away from the temple, we stumble upon a brightly colored, tastefully decorated warung next to the street called STOP Makan Yuuk!! Their setup reminded me of the karendias back home. They sell food ala carte style so you can mix and match. I think it is a clever way to experiment on funny sounding, odd looking delicacies without breaking the bank. For example, one stick of chicken satay is only 3,000 ($0.20).

Stop Makan Yuk Food.JPG

Aside from delicious, affordable local food, we were also delighted by their quirky interiors and novelty jokes. But mostly the novelty jokes.

Stop Makan Yuk Sign.JPG

Overall, it was a fun-filled, exciting day exploring a portion of South Bali with almost no planning. I guess we can all agree that sometimes, it is best not to overthink your holiday and just see where the wind takes you.

Don’t be afraid to take risks, for they make life worth living.

Have you been to Bali? Have you tried exploring with little or no planning? Tell me about it in the comments below.

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Hey there! I am a small town girl who used to work as a Software Engineer for a Fortune 500 company. I left my 9-5 job to travel the world. I am a certified Level 2 scuba diver, a Vinyasa yogi and a former IT professor. I love trekking the mountains, fishing and camping. I speak 5 languages. Cheers!


  1. This last picture is a good one. Its a wonder to see people having conversations these days. Its all head down peering at the mobile devices sitting at the same dinner table. Yes, let’s pretend it is 1980 when the first IBM was chunky and definitely not something to carry with you!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Elizabeth O. says

    I’ve always been interested in Bali! It’s one of the most beautiful places to go to and it’s perfect for people who love the tropics!


  3. Looks and sounds fantastic even though it was super hot there:) I’ve heard about those monkeys – they are like kings there!


  4. soumna says

    You should come to India and try driving here. Equally maddening. It is sad that you could not enter the temple. As a Hindu myself, I do not believe in this segregation but it is quite common here too. Your stomach has to be always heard else it will cause problems later. 🙂


  5. Bali has been on my bucket list for many years and I was very happy to see such gorgeous photos. The food as well I do love a good mee goreng…lol..


  6. I am a planner. I not up to spontaneous adventures especially if it’s about travel opportunities. So I find it brave of you and your husband to go on a trip to Bali without any concrete plan or itinerary. 😀 But your trip was awesome. Too bad you weren’t able to go inside Uluwatu temple. It seems like a beautiful place inside. Nonetheless, I think your trip to Bali is still wonderful. Now I think that going on spontaneous trips would maybe worth a try in the future. 🙂


  7. I love the photos in your blog post. I like this realization as well: I lost count how many wrong turns we took but we always find our way back to the right road somehow. Sometimes I love getting lost because then I discover new places I didn’t expect to be at. I’ve never been to Bali and I can’t wait to travel there soon. Maybe when the little one is a little bit bigger. Oh and that “We don’t have WIFI” sign is one for the books!


  8. Haha, I stopped relying on Lonely Planet tips on transport or directions loooong time ago 🙂 Your villa made me a bit dreamy, though I’ve been a rough backpacker for the past three years, recently I’ve been attracted more and more to some lazy stuff 🙂 Love your style too, you made me laugh a so much with your little remarks 🙂


  9. Ahhh love the private plunge pools in Bali, stayed at the Four Seasons and Bulgari… couldn’t get enough. Love the photo of the monkey drinking water! And yes, Bali heat and humidity can be exhausting. Went in May and in August one year, August is definitely better!


  10. Bali is high on my list of places to visit, and your post just inched it up even higher! The site of the Uluwatu temple looks incredible, though it’s a bummer that you can’t go inside if you aren’t Hindu. Still, I’ll probably want to visit it whenever I make my way to Bali!

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  11. I enjoy reading your blog. I haven’t been to Bali but is included in my bucket list. Is seeing a monkey in Bali a natural sight? I think monkeys are naughty animals. I remember when I was in the zoo, a monkey pulled my hair while my sister and I were posing for a snapshot. I also love the novelty joke you posted in here. It is funny but has a meaning. It just tells to us to enjoy the present.


  12. OMG, I’m so jealous right now! Was planning to visit Bali this October but finally didn’t, so reading your post just made me a bit sad haha, but it’s a great one and I love the pictures ;)!


  13. I love Bali, I miss the food SO much. It’s amazing what you can find when you don’t plan and just let life happen, huh? Also, waves are a very valid fear haha.


  14. Oh I’ve been to Bali seven times in the last two years so I am quite comfortable navigating my way around the place. Uluwatu temple is so beautiful and definitely my favorite place in Bali 🙂
    Love those photos


  15. Hi, Sarah. I like your blog. Well-written in the sense that I could feel the experience of what it is like to be there in Bali. Beautiful photos and I have to say this. That monkey is smart and I hope he realizes how lucky he is. Foreigners are not a source of cheap foods. It’s free foods plus a lot of love and adoration. LOL! Also, it was a good thing you were exploring and found a nice beach relatively free of vendors. If that was me there, I get annoyed by vendors. Sure, they have to make a living, but vacationers are there to relax.


  16. laveenasengar says

    I think the best part of the trip is that it wasn’t planned. All my life I have experienced that the trips we don’t plan leave a remarkable memory and that’s what I see here. Beautiful article. I am super excited to visit this place 🙂


  17. I still haven’t been to Bali. I guess I’m still waiting for the future when my bf and I get married so we can stay at a private villa. That villa has a tiny pool but I think it’s perfect for couples. Anyway, it’s my first time knowing someone who has a fear of waves. I hope it’s not too serious since swimming with the waves can be fun too. The mie goreng reminds me of Filipino’s instant pancit canton. Thanks for sharing your travel experience 🙂


  18. Bali looks great! It’s on my list already for a while. I’ve seen some pictures already and saw some nice trips. Definitely a place I want to visit! Love the picture of the monkey. So unique! And lovely that he’s drinking the water. Hahaha love the joke. Pretend it’s 1980 hahahaha.


  19. I’ve never been to Bali and only by name I was curious about it but nothing much. Your experience gives more insight and gives me more will to visit the place. This monkey on the scooter is so cute, I always wanted to go in those places where little monkeys mess around. Anyway, I like to plan a minimum my plans and routes but I enjoy going around and improvise along them


  20. I’ve been to Bali and it was a beautiful place to visit. The food was splendid and we enjoy travelling with just a driver we hired to bring us everywhere. It looks like you’re having lots of fun. Love all the photos!


  21. Bali is my dreamplace. I included it in my bucket list already! I hope i can visit soon! I love the places you shared on photos. Most of all i love the noodles! Looks yummy! 🙂


  22. Oh Bali is amazing, my family go every year as an annual holiday. There is so much to do, see and most importantly eat and drink. Definitely a beautiful part of the world!


  23. Your photos are so engaging. Beautiful place. Beautiful shots. I think taking photos is my favorite part of traveling. You see things you have never seen. Makes me want to travel there just for the beautiful scenery.


  24. gobeyondbounds says

    I agree once in a while everyone should go exploring without plans and maps. Its definitely gonna be memorable and fun exploring the unexplored.


  25. Those cliffs are truly look stunning! We would definitely love to rappel there. 🙂

    The monkeys are a must-watch out though. We had a monkey-steals-things encounter in the Puerto Princesa Underground River. Sheila had to wrestle her bag away from the culprit.


  26. My goodness, this is just amazing. The pictures are just amazing that I would want to explore the nature’s beauty at Bali sometime soon. Those Asian foods looks delicious and I am in love with that hilarious WiFi message as well.


  27. Would love to go some day. I love the picture of the monkey. These are some awesome pictures! So, how did you get blogging about travel and how did you do this trip? I am curious because I would love to do it as well.


  28. Wow what a beautiful place! The food looked amazing and I love the sign about talking to each other. Lol just doesn’t happen often anymore while eating out!


  29. thingssarahloves says

    Bali is definitely on my wanderlist list – it looks incredible (and the food looks tasty too!!). And ah, I want to see the monkeys!


  30. I wanted to go to Bali also for our honeymoon. But the place that we wanted to visit was fully booked during the dates that we wanted to go there. Maybe we should consider it for our second honeymoon. 😉 I think I would enjoy being in a restaurant without wifi. My date would be “forced” to focus on me and converse with me instead of his phone. hahaha


  31. Se manifique! Loved the photo journal and descriptions. hahaha that monkey on the motor bike was hilarious. such splendid views, i would looooove to visit there.


  32. Dreammerin says

    Bali is a wonderful place !! On my bucket list ❤ I would love to visit this place so much!


  33. The monkey-sparkling thing is for real. I was once in a different side of Indonesia and when I was walking down a road filled with them, they surrounded me like wildfire! Anyways, good to see Bali getting some good rep here.


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