The essence of going off the grid when travelling

I was off to a remote island for 2 weeks with no internet service. When I came back to civilization, I read a message from my Team Leader asking me to accomplish something due… 4 days ago (face palm). I made sure everything was well in order before I left but this task came up while I was away on my tropical adventure. Oh, well.

Come Monday, I had an early flight back to Cebu (because it was the cheapest and not because I was in rush to get back to work to make amends). I went straight to work from the airport (because I don’t want to waste another day just to rest then I can use this extra day for another holiday later). As expected, my TL approached me the moment I was on my desk. He asked, “Where have you been?” (Translation: Where in the world could you be where there was no internet for you to read my message?).

I was grinning when I told him I went somewhere ‘far’ away. I was taking a REAL vacation. Off the grid. Away from ‘distractions’. Of course, I believe this is how everybody should do it.

Due to the nature of my job, I am connected to internet for more than 12 hours a day (including the time I spend checking my social media at home). This is too much. That’s why, once in a while, I go off the grid to a place not necessarily (or ridiculously) far but somewhere I can travel old-school style, without the screens, gadgets and multitasking stress. Don’t get me wrong, it’s fine to keep in touch with your peeps but this shouldn’t take so much of your time, no?

Little piece of heaven called Bantayan Island

For me, the essence of travelling is to be with Mother Nature – to connect with her and see her beauty through my own eyes and not through the lens of a camera.

Of course, it’s ok to take photos. I do it, too. But, if you spend much more time trying to get the ‘perfect’ photograph, you might as well work as a photographer.

Do away with worrying about chargers, adapters, cables, cases, insuring all your devices, and organising foreign wi-fi plans and roaming. Instead, enjoy the moment, get out of your comfort zone, generate new ways of thinking and build stronger bonds with your family and friends.

You are most welcome.


7 thoughts on “The essence of going off the grid when travelling

  1. Adrenaline Romance

    True! When Gian and I are off somewhere, we always make it a point to be disconnected from work and the Internet. We want to enjoy and be in the moment more than looking at computer screens. And yes, sometimes, Mother Nature is too beautiful to be captured in a camera.

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    1. Travelosio Post author

      Totally agree, I admire travellers like you guys. I think that is how everybody should do it. It makes me sad to see people on their phones even when they are sunbathing. If something urgent came up like a medical emergency then by all means, stay connected but if it’s not, then keep it away.

      And yes, even with the best adjustments on a camera, it still doesn’t capture the true beauty of Mother Nature.


  2. Amelia Vesper

    I completely agree about disconnecting 100% from work while on vacation, but I do still have trouble letting go of screens in general…especially when it comes to taking pictures! I need to focus more on enjoying where I am vs getting the perfect shot. It’s a work in progress 🙂

    xo Mil


  3. Travelosio Post author

    When there is precious beauty to see, we automatically resort to snapping a permanent memory in terms of photography. That is fine, I do that, too. Just don’t forget to take a good, hard look on this beauty through your own eyes 😉


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