How to find cheap flights to New York

One of the biggest misconceptions vacation planners have about visiting New York City is that it requires a great deal of money to get there. Keeping an eye on flight deals can be frustrating sometimes especially when your itchy feet is bugging you to move already. So, I got to New York from Atlanta for only less than 90. How? You ask. Here are some tips and tricks.

Be flexible with departure times

You may get a better deal on a weekday flight rather than one on the weekend. For the most cost effective flight, you may want to try a Tuesday or Wednesday red eye or first light flight.

In my case, I took an early flight, 7:25AM which means I had to be in the airport before 6 because Atlanta airport can be hectic. However, due to some unforeseen circumstances, I reached the airport at 6:30AM and I was rushing my a** off to the gate. Two things I was thankful for: (1) I checked in online and (2) my flight was delayed. Such a relief!

Consider alternate airports

Where you fly is almost as important as when you fly. Many major cities in the U.S. are served by alternate airports that are often home to low-cost airlines.

In my case, I flew with Frontier Airlines from Atlanta to Philadelphia (and back) for only $66! This flight brought me closer to NYC.

“But you are not (yet) on NYC!”, you say. Read on.

Embrace bus travel

Bus travel is the cheapest means of transportation across the USA and bus stations are more common than airports. It ain’t a limousine, but it is a cheap way to traverse USA.

From Philly’s 30th Street Station, I took the Megabus which offers fares as low as $1 to and from approx. 120 cities in North America. At first I was skeptical about the quality of this busline since I only paid $12 return trip but I was surprised about how awesome they were. Modern fleet, free WIFI (don’t expect too much), reclining seat, safety belt, restroom, air conditioned – it wasn’t too bad at all. Comparing to bus lines in Asia, Megabus is a luxury!

I booked my flights and bus tickets 3 weeks in advance and got the best deal. The average cost of flying direct to New York is around $250. As for me, I only paid $88 plus I get to see Philly as an added bonus!

Oh, remember to put a buffer between your flight and bus travel. Better safe than sorry!


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