10 Questions with Joann of I’m Chasing Places

Joann is a multi-passionate Filipina with interests spread in different areas including travel, minimalism, and internet entrepreneurship. She dreams of traveling the world, explore amazing diving spots, create value, and write stories of inspiring people.

1. How would you describe yourself in 3 words?

I think I am best summed up by these three words: minimalist, adrenaline junkie, entrepreneurial.

2. What’s your favourite place so far?

El Nido! It’s probably one of the places here in the Philippines that I’ll never get tired of exploring.

3. What place is top of your bucket list?

Iceland tops the list. It started with a one-time writing project on Iceland’s tourism. Countless hours of doing research made me fell in love with their country that I print out one of my favorite Google photo of Iceland and put it in my life list journal 🙂

2 Joanne

4. What can’t you travel without?

Laptop mainly because I bring my work with me when I travel.

5. Who is your dream travel companion?

Dream travel companion will probably be Tim Ferris or one of the guys from the Tropical MBA. I am a huge fan of these people and I wanted to witness how these entrepreneurs/proponents of lifestyle design travel and do business at the same time.

3 Joanne

6. What travel scams have you heard about?

The most popular one I think that I constantly read about is on The Grand Palace scam.

7. What was the most challenging thing you’ve done?

The most challenging thing I did is cliff dive. It was the most unforgettable day too as we trekked, rock climbed, and cliff dived in 1 day!

4 Joanne

8. What was the best place you stayed in?

The best place I’ve stayed is RM Guest House in Dumaguete City. It’s cheap, clean, within the city proper, and most of all, they have amazing customer service.

9. Would you rather see a lot of places or get to know one really well?

It depends. If I have only a week to spend in one region, I’d rather stick with one city or province. But if I have like a month, I’ll most likely cover 2 or 3 more.

1 Joanne

10. What was your most embarrassing moment while travelling?

Jumping off the Cambugahay Falls in Siquijor is one the items in my life list. But the problem is, I’m not a good swimmer. So when I was there, I was asking some locals if the water’s too deep, if it’s easy to swim towards the shallower part, etc. I am too eager to jump off despite my poor swimming skills that I asked one local if I can jump with him (at least someone would save me if I drown, haha). He agreed except that he wanted me to hold his hand. And I did (that’s how badly I want to do it)!

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Website: http://imchasingplaces.com/

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